Christmas pavlova recipe: Coconut, lime and mango pavlova roulade

Rachel Khoo's coconut, lime and mango pavlova roulade for Christmas.
Rachel Khoo's coconut, lime and mango pavlova roulade for Christmas. Photo: William Meppem

Try this lighter, fruitier alternative to pudding this Christmas. Anyone who's that's made a roulade before knows that the rolling part can be a touch stressful. This pavlova roulade gets a light layer of whipped cream inside and out, not only covering up any cheeky cracks but also adding an extra creaminess to a beautifully balanced pairing of crisp and mallowy meringue and sweet citrusy curd. Serve with extra mango on the side if you wish.


200g egg whites (about 5)

250g castor sugar

2 tsp cornflour (check gluten-free brand if required)

1 tsp lemon juice or vinegar

Lime curd

finely grated zest and juice of 4 limes

80g sugar

sea salt

90g butter

4 egg yolks

30g desiccated coconut

600ml whipping cream

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

1 ripe mango, peeled

30g coconut flakes

10 Cape gooseberries (physalis), if available, or 6 passionfruit, pulp removed


1. Preheat the oven to 140C/120C fan. Place the egg whites in the bowl of a freestanding mixer. Start to whisk using the balloon whisk attachment until the whites are light frothy and reaching soft peaks. Keep the whisk going and start adding the sugar two tablespoons at a time until fully incorporated. Once it is thick, glossy and you have firm peaks, stir in the cornflour and vinegar.

2. Line a large baking tray about 30 centimetres x 40 centimetres with silicone-coated baking paper. Spread the meringue out across the tray evenly with a palette knife. Bake for about one hour.

3. Meanwhile, make the lime curd. Put the lime zest and juice, a pinch of sea salt, sugar and butter into a small saucepan and heat gently until the sugar and butter have melted. Remove from the heat.

4. In a medium bowl whisk the egg yolks in a bowl, then add to the pan and whisk vigorously. Return the pan to a low heat and whisk constantly as the curd starts to thicken. Don't stop whisking or the eggs will curdle (if the curd starts to boil, take saucepan off the heat). Once the curd thickens and releases a bubble or two, remove from the heat and pass the curd through a sieve into a clean bowl. Stir the desiccated coconut through. Place cling film in direct contact with the curd and refrigerate until cold.

5. When the meringue has cooked, remove from the oven and slide a palette knife underneath. If it's still sticky, place back it the oven to dry out further, until it's crisp on the outside and firm enough to move off the baking tray.

6. Leave to cool slightly, place a piece of baking parchment over the top and using a tray or chopping board, flip the meringue over. Peel the paper off the underside; use a rolling pin to begin to roll it up while it is malleable.

7. Whip the cream to soft peaks with the vanilla. Peel and cut the mango into one-centimetre cubes and place in a bowl. Add half the lime curd to the whipped cream then, using a palette knife, spread half the cream over the base of the meringue, and sprinkle then add the mango cubes on to the top of the cream.

8. Dollop the remaining lime curd randomly along the base and start to roll up the pavlova gently. Place on a serving plate and cover the top with the remaining cream. Not only does this look pretty, but it's also a great way to cover up any cracks on the top! Scatter with extra coconut flakes and dot with the physalis, if using, or along the top to decorate with passionfruit pulp.

9. To serve, slice into thick rounds.

Preparation time 30 minutes

Cooking time approx. 1 hour

Photo: William Meppem

Styling: Hannah Meppem

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