Katrina Meynink's one-pan tagliatelle with chickpeas, greens and lemon

Crispy pasta nests with chickpeas and greens.
Crispy pasta nests with chickpeas and greens. Photo: Katrina Meynink

This creamy, crunchy, slippery, lemony one-pan situation is on the table in 30 minutes and barely requires a stir. It's the ultimate summer dinner that is simultaneously light and satisfying. For this I used tagliatelline nests – they are a little finer than the usual tagliatelle. Either is fine! For those seeking a salty-spicy chaser, add some fried capers and a pinch of chilli flakes.


2½ tbsp olive oil

1 small onion, peeled, diced

½ tbsp lemon thyme

2 garlic cloves, crushed

250-300g tagliatelle nests

400g can chickpeas and its liquid

1 cup vegetable stock (or chicken stock)

1 cup white wine

1 cup thin cream

zest and juice of 1 lemon

¾ cup finely shredded cavolo nero (or kale)

grated parmesan, to serve

¼ cup finely chopped flat-leaf parsley

fresh herbs, to scatter (I used watercress and basil)


1. Preheat oven to 190C fan-forced (210C conventional).

2. Place a large, high-sided oven-proof frying pan over medium heat. Add the oil and once shimmering, add the onion and thyme and cook, stirring often, until the onion is pale and translucent, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic and the tagliatelle nests, cooking for 3-5 minutes, or until the nests are looking lightly browned and crisp on the edges. Gently turn over. Add the can of chickpeas, including the aquafaba liquid, plus the stock and white wine. Give the pan a gentle shake. Cook for 1-2 minutes, then add the cream and lemon zest.

3. Place the pan in the oven for 15-20 minutes, keeping an eye on the pasta nests to make sure they aren't taking on too much colour. Remove pan from oven and add the kale, pushing it down into the liquid so it softens slightly in the residual heat. Top with parmesan, squeeze over the lemon juice and scatter with herbs. Serve hot.