Kitchen spy: Lucy Folk

She's only 31 but her food-inspired jewellery - such as crochet pineapple earrings, gold pretzel brooches, and tortilla chip necklaces - regularly feature in the international fashion glossies, worn by Beyonce and Snoop Dogg. Lucy Folk grew up making chicken sandwiches in her parents' cafe in Georges in the 1980s.

She made her first food-themed jewellery - a pistachio necklace - while studying at RMIT. What started as a kind of poke at her foodie family in 2007 has turned into a serious international business, with Folk releasing nearly a dozen collections with names such as ''Pasta'', ''Nibbles'', ''Spices'' and ''Tropicalismo''.

The latest is a line called ''Appeteaser'', to be launched with a film collaboration in late June, featuring music by American hip-hop producer Boom Bip. "It's all shot in LA and it's funny - pretty raunchy, actually," says Folk, who shares her South Yarra home with husband Charlie Inglis, an architect.

The staples

My pantry

There's an extreme chocolate section - today there are seven different brands. I love 2die4 activated mixed nuts because I think they taste better; you'll always find almond and chia spread, which I put in smoothies or on toast; and I always have quinoa for salads (we're salad-heavy in this house). There's crackers for dip, lots of mostly Asian sauces, like ponzu, which is good for dressings but you won't find much pasta - I become a bit of a carb-maniac when I eat it - I just want more.

My fridge

I often have a spoonful of sauerkraut before dinner because it's good for your stomach and digestion; you'll find good Lescure butter (my husband eats it), organic smoked tofu, which I cut up and put in a salad for lunch, celery, and spinach for smoothies and usually wine and as much Capi sparkling mineral water as we can fit in - it's my dad's brand and my handwriting features on the label.

Recipe stalwart

Mussels. We take canned, diced tomatoes, lots of garlic, fennel, chorizo, smoked paprika, onion, loads of parsley and white wine. I don't like massive mussels, though. I like to pick out the smaller ones.

Most unforgettable meal

My wedding, two years ago. We designed the menu with my friend Sophie Cookes, who is a caterer. We had locally caught crayfish salad with fresh watercress and for mains a veal cotoletta, cauliflower salads with heirloom tomatoes, a great pavlova and ice-creams in the shape of hearts. It was at Cumberland River Holiday Park for about 200 people.

Food discovery

Coconut kefir, a fermented bacteria. I take a swig every morning to keep me bouncing around. It tastes a bit weird but I like bizarre flavours. I like bitter things - I've got an odd palate.


Last night's dinner

My husband and I went to Dandelion and we shared a Morton Bay bug salad and then I had the Vietnamese chicken coleslaw salad. I'm going to Europe in a month so I'm trying to be healthy. I've got to get bikini-ready.

My inspiration

I really like Yotam Ottolenghi's cookbooks because I'm a bit of a sucker for a good vegie dish, and Karen Martini's got some really good recipes too. But seafood is my favourite - squid, scallops, you name it, I love it. At the moment I've got a snapper in the fridge. We were just going to do it Thai-style with lemongrass, coriander and chilli with a good cabbage-y salad.

I'm drinking

In the morning I have hot water with lemon and then I have a green smoothie: a couple of handfuls of spinach, 1½ cups of water, three largish stalks of celery, half a cup of frozen blueberries, a banana, hemp protein, chia seeds, a capful of chlorella pills and then you whiz it all up. It's thick but even my husband drinks it - a combination of LA health guru Kimberly Snyder and my own recipe. Alcohol-wise, I like Campari and soda, I love a good, spicy margarita and red wine, mostly pinot.

Secret vice

Dark chocolate. I also like ice-cream but I try to always buy it when I'm out and about. I'd binge if I had it at home.

My toolkit

I couldn't really live without my industrial-strength BIO Chef blender, which was a birthday present from my sister. This little guy (Bö¨rner mandoline) gets a lot of use for all salads to get that very fine, wafer-thin slice, and my Scanpan pot is the ultimate pot for mussels and ossobuco. And these trivets by artist Andreas Tesch are great for resting hot pots on.


I love my Alessi salt and pepper grinders, which were a wedding present. Having good grinders is so important and I just love pepper. I don't really eat anything without it, which I think is my mum's influence.