Labna-stuffed zucchini flowers

Labna-stuffed zucchini flowers
Labna-stuffed zucchini flowers Photo: Jennifer Soo

Labna is a great soft cheese product to have on hand. Once made, roll into balls, place in a clean container, cover with vegetable oil and refrigerate.


250g natural yoghurt

1 tbsp olive oil

60g pine nuts, toasted

100g raisins, chopped

1 tbsp parsley, chopped

Salt and pepper

12 zucchini flowers, ends trimmed and stamens removed

1 cup plain flour

350ml beer


To make the labna, mix yoghurt and olive oil together and place in a large strainer or colander lined with muslin or a clean tea towel. Stand it over a bowl in the fridge for two or three nights. Stir through pine nuts, raisins and parsley and season well. Use a piping bag or small spoon to fill flowers with the mixture. Pre-heat a deep fryer to 180C. Mix flour and beer together. Dip flowers in the batter and fry until golden brown. Alternatively, shallow fry them in two centimetres of vegetable oil, turning the flowers once. Drain on paper towel, season with more salt. Eat immediately.