Lime, lychee and finger lime gin fizz

Lime, lychee and finger lime gin fizz.
Lime, lychee and finger lime gin fizz.  Photo: Katrina Meynink

The sweet of the lychees and the tartness of the lime make fabulous bedfellows for an aromatic gin. Add all the ice and all the mint and this is extremely refreshing.


1 cup pitted lychees (strained from juice, if using tinned)

½ tbsp sugar syrup* per serve (2 tbsp total)

cheeks from 4 limes

30ml gin per serve (120ml total)

To serve

soda water

mint leaves, picked

½ tsp finger lime pearls per serve


1. Add ¼ cup lychees and half a tablespoon of sugar syrup to the base of each serving glass. Add 30ml gin to each. Give a lime cheek a good squeeze to release the juice then pop into each glass.

2. Add another whole lime cheek and a few mint leaves. Add ice then top with soda. Spoon over the finger lime pearls and serve.

*You can purchase sugar syrup or make one easily yourself at home by using a 1:1 ratio (one cup sugar to one cup water). Add both to a saucepan and cook only long enough to dissolve the sugar – you're not making caramel so don't let it take on any colour. Cool completely before using.

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