Mango with coconut milk granita

Mango with coconut milk granita.
Mango with coconut milk granita. Photo: Marina Oliphant.

Ripe mangoes inspired this fresh, bright-tasting dessert, teamed with a slushy coconut milk granita spiked with lime. Serve on dessert plates or pile into cocktail glasses.


100g sugar

150ml water

1 tbsp lime juice

400ml coconut milk, shaken

3 or 4 fresh mangoes, depending on size

2 tbsp shredded coconut

2 tsp grated lime zest


Heat sugar and water, stirring, until sugar has just dissolved. Set aside to cool.

When cool, whisk sugar syrup and lime juice into coconut milk, and pour into a freezer-proof container.

Freeze for two hours, or until partly frozen.

Break up the crystals by scraping the surface with a strong fork, and refreeze.

Repeat in one hour, then leave in freezer until ready to eat.

To serve, dice mangoes, then squeeze stones and skins through a strainer over a bowl to gather some juice.

Toss diced mango in juice and arrange on dessert plates.

Scrape granita until completely broken up and spoon on top of mango.

Scatter with coconut shreds and lime zest and serve immediately.