Matt Wilkinson's toasted cheese sanga

A twist on the traditional:  Matt Wilkinson's fancy cheese toastie.
A twist on the traditional: Matt Wilkinson's fancy cheese toastie. Photo: Eddie Jim

Matt Wilkinson (of Pope Joan, the Bishop of Ostia) is a bit of a high achiever when it comes to flash sangers. His own take on a grilled cheese sandwich is unconventional but delicious. And it has earned him the title not only of Australia's best sandwich maker, but also of world's best sandwich maker.

In fairness, the sandwich, which he calls the "bit posh toasted sandwich with Welsh rarebit fondue", is a masterpiece. Here is how he suggests we make it:

1. Lay four slices of grain bread on a board and butter both sides of each slice. Top two pieces with three tablespoons of green tomato relish and the other two with two tablespoons of Jamaican-style tomato chutney.

2. Position slices of leg ham, which has been cooked on the bone, on the green tomato slices, then top with the other two bread slices, chutney down. Grill in a hot sandwich press and, to serve, cut each sandwich into quarters and place on a wooden board.

3. Alongside each serving, place a small pot of Welsh rarebit fondue made by bringing 375 millilitres of white wine and 75 millilitres of chardonnay vinegar to the boil, adding 350 grams of good, grated cheddar and whisking until melted.

4. Lower the heat to medium and add one tablespoon Keen's English mustard powder, one tablespoon cornflour, one tablespoon Worcestershire sauce and one gram of cracked, black pepper. Stir until mixed and smooth.