14 snacks that taste better frozen

Cookie dough
Cookie dough Photo: Jules Clancy

Everything tastes better frozen, didn't you know? Chow down on these chilly treats from our favourite social media food bloggers and stay cool for the rest of the summer.

1. Frozen rainbow ice blocks

Taline's rainbow ice blocks Photo: Taline Gabrielian

Popular Instagrammer and founder of Hippie Lane, Taline Gabrielian, says her preferred snack frozen is rainbow ice blocks

Why? "Because they taste amazing cold and are perfectly refreshing that way. Plus I love sinking my teeth into all the different flavours!," she said

Simply blend fruit together like watermelon and mango or strawberry and banana. Add your choice of liquid, such as almond milk or coconut water then pour into moulds and freeze

2. Frozen banana choc tops

Melanie Lionello's frozen banana choc tops Photo: Melanie Lionello

Nutritionist and food blogger Melanie Lionello says her favourite frozen snack would have to be frozen choc top bananas. "It tastes just like a healthy version of icecream," says Lionello.


How to: cut bananas in half and insert a paddle pop stick, then freeze. Next melt the chocolate. Take out your bananas, dip them in the chocolate, and sprinkle your choice of toppings such as nuts or goji berries. Freeze for one to two hours and enjoy

3. Frozen mini watermelon pops

Nagi's frozen mini watermelon pops Photo: Nagi Maehashi

Nagi Maehashi from Recipe Tin Eats says her all time favourite frozen snack are mini watermelon pops.

"All I do is freeze cubes of juicy, sweet watermelon and stick a toothpick in them. There is no better way to finish off a BBQ on a hot summer day than with a platter of these. They're a total crowd pleaser - for kids and grown ups. So much more interesting that the usual platter of watermelon wedges!" Maehashi says.

4. Frozen cheesecake bites

Frozen cheesecake bites Photo: Dini Kodippili

Dini Kodippili from theflavorbender says frozen cheesecake bites are a must try. She makes mini cheesecakes with a blend of fruit, cream, cream cheese and cookies but you can use any cheesecake recipe you like. "They're easy to make, and you can stock up different fruit flavours in the freezer and snack on them when you feel like a treat," says Kodippili.

Cut a cheesecake into small squares, dip in melted chocolate and freeze.

5. Frozen Tim Tams

Arnotts Tim Tams. Photo: Louise Kennerley

Have you ever tried a frozen Tim Tam?

Maehashi says, "On really hot stinking days when you NEED a chocolate fix but you know the moment you touch anything chocolate, it will turn into a puddle? Try freezing Tim Tams. They're amazing! Same with mini Milky Ways."

6. Frozen grapes

Bunches of spaetburgunder grapes sit in a crate during pinot noir harvest on the Weingut Friedrich Becker Estate vineyard in Schweigen, Germany, on Tuesday, Oct. 4, 2016. Global warming has been good to German viticulture, with average temperatures up 1.4 degrees centigrade over the past 40 years, creating the perfect climate for notoriously finicky pinot noir vines. Photographer: Krisztian Bocsi/Bloomberg Photo: Krisztian Bocsi

Looking for a healthy snack to satisfy your sweet tooth?

"Frozen grapes make a perfect healthy snack for a hot day," says Maehashi. "These little bites of sweetness taste just like a grape popsicle, only healthier."

7. Praline

Frozen praline Photo: Mykitchenstories

Tania Cusack from My Kitchen Storiessays she always keeps a container of praline in her freezer. "It helps make snacks (and everything better). I keep it frozen in chunky shards and sometimes already crushed. It keeps perfectly frozen and I just pull it straight from the freezer," Kusack says.

Try adding it to ice cream and desserts, or even to the middle of a cake with cream. You can also try sprinkling it onto pancakes or adding it to buttercream and soft cheeses like D'Affinois.

8. Frozen brownie bites

Frozen brownies Photo: Mykitchenstories

Brownies. Yes, cut into small bite-sized pieces and stored in the freezer. "They are perfect when you are by yourself or even if you need to pop one in a lunch box because frozen or thawed, a fudgy brownie is all the same to me, The perfect snack," says Cusack.

Beware, they are irresistibly addictive. You can find an easy brownie recipe here.

9. Iced my-los

Frozen iced my-lo Photo: Sadhana Kitchen

Maz Valcorza from Sadhana Kitchen says frozen iced my-los are a great frozen snack. It's a healthier version of the classic childhood fave Milo, made with raw cacao and some superfood powders

How to: blend your choice of milk, raw cacao, maple syrup, and a heap of ice. Add any extra superfood like chia seeds or even a protein powder. Then top with ice-cream and chocolate sauce.

10. Lychee jelly cups

Lychees with pistachios and strawberries in rosewater syrup Photo: Natalie Boog

Helen Yee from Grab Your Fork says she loves putting lychee jelly cups in the freezer.

"You can get them from the Asian grocery aisle, whack them in the freezer for a couple of hours and you've got a frozen lychee ice block with chewy squares of coconut in the middle," says Yee.

11. Frozen madeira cake

Fergus Henderson's seed cake. Photo: William Meppem

Next time you bake a cake, how about leaving a few slices in the freezer?

Yee says a frozen Madeira cake is a must try. Store a few slices in the freezer and eat them without defrosting them.

12. Frozen raspberry icy poles

Frozen raspberry blocks Photo: Georgia McDermott

Georgia McDermott from georgeats says her favourite things to eat frozen are frozen raspberries and frozen banana, because somehow they seem like a treat when they're chilly.

Try blending frozen raspberries, watermelon, and mango to make a delicious frozen icy pole.

13. Frozen cookie dough

Cookie dough Photo: Jules Clancy

If you're looking for any excuse to eat cookie dough, you may have found one.

Food blogger Jules Clancy says she makes a batch of cookie dough and keeps it in the freezer for little treats."I just love how it melts in the mouth and you get that satisfying crunch from the sugar crystals. It's even better when there are little bursts of salty, chocolatey goodness like in salted chocolate chip cookies," she said.

14. Frozen banana and vanilla pops

Banana and vanilla pops Photo: Ashley Alexander

Enjoy the taste of sweet banana, salty dark chocolate and earthy roasted almonds? Then Ashley Alexander from gatherandfeast says this treat is a perfect combination for a frozen sweet treat.

To make this simple and delicious frozen treat, blend bananas, coconut yoghurt, and vanilla extract and freeze. Then drizzle with dark chocolate and sprinkle with roasted almonds Perfect for a summer gathering.