Australia's 10 most Googled recipes of 2019

Dan Lepard's vegan pea, basil and eggplant tart.
Dan Lepard's vegan pea, basil and eggplant tart. Photo: William Meppem

More of us are going green – with our diet at least – if the latest results from Google's annual search trends are any guide.

This year, plant-based recipes topped the list of Australia's most Googled recipes, a possible result of the Greta-effect encouraging people to reduce their carbon footprint by eating less meat and animal products.

The trend knocked the keto diet from its top perch on last year's list, but the low-carb eating plan still made it to sixth place on Google's list of most searched "What is...?" questions.

There are still plenty of carnivores who can't quit red meat, however, with both beef stroganoff and osso bucco making it into the top 10 recipes. 

And raise your pinkies, because we're taking our tea like the royals, with scones coming in at number two. No clarity on whether the cream is made from cashews, though we settled the controversial what-goes-first debate last year.

There were a few repeat offenders this year: beef stroganoff also made the list in 2018 and 2017, while frittata (last year at number four) and risotto (number six in 2018) both moved down two ranks this year to number six and eight respectively.

Check out the full top 10 most searched recipes in Australia for 2019, with our own versions to save you from having to Google them (again?) for yourself.

1. Plant-based recipes such as Dan Lepard's pea, basil and eggplant tart made with cashews (and loads more in this vegan recipe collection)

2. Scones recipes such as Adam Liaw's New Zealand-inspired L&P scones

L&P scones.

Adam Liaw's L&P scones. Photo: William Meppem

3. Beef stroganoff recipes such as this slow-cooked stroganoff stew also by Adam Liaw.

Adam Liaw recipe : Beef stroganoff
Photograph by William Meppem (photographer on contract, no restrictions)

Beef stroganoff stew by Adam Liaw. Photo: William Meppem


4. My Kitchen Rules recipes such as 2019's winning dish, beef cheek. Try Neil Perry's braised version with baby carrots. 

Cr: GW 18 Food Photography William Meppem, Neil Perry recipe:Braised beef cheeks with baby carrots. GW150718 William Meppem – Sat, 18. July 2015 12:00 AM944771462.jpgCr: GW 18 Food Photography William Meppem, Neil Perry recipe:Braised beef cheeks with baby carrots. GW150718

Braised beef cheeks with baby carrots by Neil Perry. Photo: William Meppem

5. Apple pie recipes such as this pretty-in-pink apple and rhubarb lattice pie by Dan Lepard

Dan Lepard's Apple and rhubarb lattice-topped pie.
Photograph by William Meppem (photographer on contract, no restrictions)

Apple and rhubarb lattice-topped pie. Photo: William Meppem

6. Frittata recipes such as Jill Dupleix's oh-so-satisfying mac 'n' cheese frittata

Jill Dupleix's mac 'n' cheese frittata.

Jill Dupleix's mac 'n' cheese frittata. Photo: William Meppem

7. Fried rice recipes such as Adam Liaw's cheat's roast chicken fried rice

***EMBARGOED FOR SUNDAY LIFE, AUGUST 19/18 ISSUE*** Adam Liaw recipe : Roast chicken fried rice Photograph by William Meppem (photographer on contract, no restrictions)

Roast chicken fried rice by Adam Liaw. Photo: William Meppem

8. Risotto recipes such as Jill Dupleix's pea, ham and parmesan risotto

RISOTTO. Jill Dupleix TEN RECIPES YOU SHOULD MASTER feature for Epicure and Good Living. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Food styling and preparation by Caroline Velik. Photographed Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th June, 2012. The Age Newspaper and The Sydney Morning Herald.

Jill Dupleix's ham, pea and parmesan risotto. Photo: Marina Oliphant

9. Hello Fresh recipes such as the food delivery brand's "Hall of Fame" recipe, chicken tacos. Try Donna Hay's chipotle version

Chipotle chicken and cauliflower tacos. Recipe from Week Light: Super-Fast Meals to Make You Feel Good by Donna Hay. Published by HarperCollins Publishers (Australia) Pty Ltd. RRP $45. Pic credit: Con Poulos For Good Food Magazine, October 4, 2019. Photographer: Con Poulos (Single print and online use) GOOD FOOD RGB

Donna Hay's chipotle chicken and cauliflower tacos. Photo: Con Poulos

10. Osso bucco recipes such as this meltingly tender osso bucco with gremolata

Osso bucco with gremolata and polenta.

Osso bucco with gremolata and polenta. Photo: Marina Oliphant