Australia's most searched recipes for 2016 are...

Making perfect pancakes

Dan Lepard shares a couple of secrets to help you make perfect thin, crepe-style pancakes.

What did we eat/cook/want to cook/pretend to want to cook in 2016? It was a case of stacks on, with both pancakes and crepes making Google's top 10 recipe search terms in Australia for 2016. "How to make pancakes" was the third most searched how-to phrase, behind the perennial "how to tie a tie".

Recipe search runner-up carbonara made the move to brunch menus this year, with Small Axe Kitchen in Melbourne's Brunswick, and Brisbane's Morning After serving hangover-friendly riffs – just hold the cream.

According to Google Trends data, Australians got their bake on this year, with banana bread, scones, brownies and quiche all rising to the top.

Here's the top 10 (plus recipes to save you searching!).

Good Food's ultimate pancake recipe collection.

Jill Dupleix's Nutella pancake stack. Photo: William Meppem


Recipes here

Carbonara-like breakfast pasta at Small Axe Kitchen in Brunswick.

Breakfast carbonara at Small Axe Kitchen in Brunswick. Photo: Wayne Taylor


It's time to ban the cream from your carb'. It's the number one crime against carbonara, according to these golden principles of the popular pasta dish.


See also Adam Liaw's classic cream-free recipe.

Jill Dupleix's banana bread.

Jill Dupleix's banana bread. Photo: Edwina Pickles

Banana bread

Recipe here (salted caramel optional)

English scones by Jason Atherton.

English scones by Jason Atherton. Photo: Supplied


Try this recipe from Jason Atherton, the British chef behind Sydney's Kensington Street Social.

Karen Martini's hummus topped with crispy chickpeas.

Karen Martini's hummus topped with crispy chickpeas. Photo: Marina Oliphant


Perhaps we've realised how easy it is to whip up this dip.

Recipe here

Dan Lepard's classic cream cheesecake with chocolate ginger cookie crumb.

Dan Lepard's classic cream cheesecake with chocolate ginger cookie crumb. Photo: William Meppem


Find our favourite cheesecake recipes here

Or go the full DIY with Dan Lepard's retro recipe, and bake the cookies for the crust.

Jill Dupleix. Asparagus, pea and buttermilk quiche. Photo by William Meppem

Eat your greens! Cram them into this buttermilk quiche. Photo: William Meppem


Try Jill Dupleix's seasonal buttermilk quiche with asparagus, pea and zucchini (recipe here).

Chocolate mousse. Caroline Velik CHOCOLATE recipes for Epicure and Good Living. Photographed by Marina Oliphant. Food preparation and styling by Caroline Velik, fabric from Manon bis.

Chocolate mousse. Photo: Marina Oliphant

Chocolate mousse

A simple sugar, eggs and chocolate trifecta (recipe here).

Or cool off with a cone of chocolate mousse ice-cream (recipe here).

Jill Dupleix recipe, crepes with beef and mushrooms
for Good Food
Styling Hannah Meppem

Jill Dupleix's savoury crepes. Photo: William Meppem


Flip it and try a savoury take with Jill Dupleix's crepes with beef and mushrooms (recipe here).

Breakfast Brownies.

Bake a batch of brownies for a picnic. Photo: William Meppem


Eat cake for breakfast with Jill Dupleix's breakfast brownies (recipe here).

Dan Lepard's boozy brownies with shiraz syrup would make a lovely grown-up Christmas gift (recipe here).