Budget-friendly meat cuts, fish and fresh produce swaps from the experts (plus recipes) to help save money on your food shop

Suffering from sticker-shock at the supermarket? You're not alone.
The cost of the average weekly grocery shop has jumped 4 per cent over the March quarter. The price rise comes as Australia cops its highest annual inflation rate in more than 20 years.
Fresh food retailers are an often overlooked source of support for struggling shoppers. Their first-hand knowledge of local markets can guide you towards the best deals, helping to save money while minimising nutritional sacrifice.
"I think the most important thing is to connect with your local butcher or fishmonger or grocer and have that conversation about budget," says Meatsmith's Troy Wheeler.
"Don't feel like it's intimidating or embarrassing. That's what we're here to do, to help people work towards meal planning and finding them the right products for them."
Bianca Hrovat speaks to the experts about finding the best-value meat, seafood and produce, and Danielle Alvarez creates a budget-friendly recipe from each category.

Rump steak au poivre.