How to make Shanghai Street's pork and cabbage dumplings at home

Pan-fried pork dumplings at Shanghai Street in Melbourne.
Pan-fried pork dumplings at Shanghai Street in Melbourne. Photo: Joe Armao

Melbourne's Shanghai Street is famous for its dumplings and for good reason – just ask any one of the dozens of people who queue outside Shanghai Street's city restaurants every mealtime.

This recipe from Shanghai Street's chefs is a very simple pork dumpling that can be wrapped in purchased wonton skins. You can even make 'naked' dumplings, like little meatballs without the wrapper.

Some people may be alarmed by the inclusion of MSG, or monosodium glutamate powder. You can leave it out and your dumplings will still be delicious but the MSG will add a deep savouriness to their flavour. Monosodium glutamate is derived from a natural amino acid and there's no chemical difference between the glutamate in the powder and that which naturally occurs in foods including tomatoes, cheese and mushrooms.

The dumplings can also be steamed (pictured).
The dumplings can also be steamed (pictured). Photo: Joe Armao

Pork and cabbage dumplings


1kg pork mince

14g fine salt

45g white sugar

10g white pepper

24g MSG powder (optional)


250g Chinese cabbage, finely diced

80g chives, finely chopped

25g ginger, finely chopped

50g spring onions, finely chopped

20g sesame oil

35g vegetable oil

75 round wonton wrappers


1. Mix all ingredients well together. Form mixture into 20g balls and place into centre of wonton wrappers. Moisten perimeter of wrapper with a little water and press to seal into a half-moon shape, ensuring you squeeze any air from the dumpling as you go.

2. Dumplings can be boiled or steamed; they'll take about three minutes to cook, in batches.

3. Serve with soy sauce or black vinegar.

Makes about 75 dumplings