The next lockdown trend is unsettling eggs, and it's a crack up

The yolks on you.
The yolks on you. Photo: Twitter - @annaghughes

Lockdown has brought out the best in us (making sourdough) and the worst in us (eating all that sourdough), but it's also brought out the weird in us, too, especially in the kitchen. There was the Dalgona coffee-making phase, the can't-look-away fixation with the cakes-not-cakes videos, and the strong affinity we started to have for the very sweary Nat's What I Reckon.

The newest isolation cooking trend is pictures of unsettling eggs, and it's a crack-up. Canadian student Anna Hughes posted on Twitter four pictures of her lockdown addiction, making weirdly shaped fried eggs for reasons that are still not quite clear, but most likely due to the utter boredom many of us have become very well acquainted with in the past few months.

Other Twitter users joined in by sharing their unsettling egg pictures, and who knew that such abominations egg-sisted.

Then there were those that went from unsettling to terri-frying.

Obviously these people haven't read our hen-cyclopedic Good Food guide to egg advice by Richard Cornish, in which he answers every egg-sact question about eggs you could ever think of. And if all this egg talk has got you egg-cited for more, here are some egg-stremely crackin' recipes.