Oysters baked in their shells

Oysters baked in their shells.
Oysters baked in their shells. Photo: Steven Siewert

When cooking with oysters, the trick is to keep it simple.


36 fresh oysters

Coarse rock salt

2 tbsp finely chopped parsley

4 tbsp fine breadcrumbs

50ml extra virgin olive oil

White pepper

4 lemon wedges


Shuck each oyster and discard the top shell (the lid).

Carefully remove any shell from the liquor surrounding the oyster in the bottom shell (the cup).

Using the shucking knife, dislodge the oyster from the cup.

Turn the oyster so the plump part is on top.

Place rock salt on an oven tray and arrange oysters on salt so they don't tip out their liquor.

On each oyster sprinkle some parsley, breadcrumbs and olive oil.

Don't add salt; the oysters should be salty enough.

Sprinkle a little fine white pepper on each.

Set oven to 200C and turn on top grill if available, to heat oysters from above.

Once oven is at temperature bake oysters for 8-10 minutes. Serve with lemon wedges.