Potato and onion tortilla

Something different for lunch on the go: Potato and onion tortilla.
Something different for lunch on the go: Potato and onion tortilla. Photo: Marcel Aucar

What’s in your lunchbox? When I came to Australia I didn’t speak a word of English so going to school was a very interesting experience. With one of the regular items in my lunchbox being this potato and onion tortilla, I did stand out from the crowd a little. Once you have the potato and onion cooked it is easy to put it in the fridge and finish the tortilla when you have time. It can also be a fantastic warm starter or a snack with beer or wine.


6-7 medium potatoes, peeled and thinly sliced

1 whole brown onion, thinly sliced


2-3 cups of olive oil for pan frying

8 large eggs


Put potatoes and onions into a bowl and mix them together. Salt the mixture. In a large, heavy, non-stick frypan, heat the olive oil on a medium heat.

Carefully place the potato and onion mixture into the frypan, spreading them evenly over the surface. The oil should almost cover the potatoes. You may need to turn down the heat slightly so the potatoes do not burn. Leave in pan until the potatoes are cooked. Remove from the pan with a slotted spoon or spatula and allow oil to drain.

Crack the eggs into a large mixing bowl and beat by hand with a whisk. Add the potato onion mixture. Season and mix with a large spoon.

Pour one or two tablespoons of olive oil into a small, non-stick frying pan, about 24 centimetres wide, and heat on a medium-low heat. When hot, stir the potato onion mixture once more, add to the pan and spread out evenly. Allow the egg to cook around the edges then carefully lift one side of the tortilla to check if the egg has slightly browned. The inside of the mixture should not be completely cooked and the egg will still be runny.

When the mixture has browned on the bottom, it is ready to turn over. Hold the frying pan over the large mixing bowl you used to beat the eggs, to catch uncooked egg drips. Place a dinner plate that is larger than the pan upside down over the frying pan. With one hand on the frying pan handle and the other on top of the plate to hold it steady, quickly flip the frying pan over so the tortilla falls onto the plate.

Place the frying pan back on the stove, slide the tortilla into the pan and tip any uncooked egg in the bowl over it. Use a spatula to shape the sides of the tortilla.

Let the tortilla cook for three-to-four minutes on a gentle heat. Turn the heat off, place a clean tea towel over the tortilla and let it sit in the pan for four minutes before serving, or cut into slices and cool to use in lunchbox.

Tip: Keep your lunch safe and tasty with an insulated lunch box and a chiller pack.