Potato gnocchi

You must be able to taste the potato, so use a good variety such as Toolangi Delight.
You must be able to taste the potato, so use a good variety such as Toolangi Delight. Photo: Rohan Thomson

The simple flavours that go with this rustic pasta are the key to how delicious this dish can be.


1.8kg low-starch potatoes

200g plain flour for every 1kg potato puree

1 egg

1 tbsp sea salt


Boil potatoes with skin on until cooked through. Test by pushing a skewer through them. Drain potatoes immediately, then, wearing disposable gloves, peel potatoes. It is important to work fast, to make the gnocchi while the potato is warm.

While peeling potatoes, put a large pot of salted water on to boil. Mash peeled potatoes with a mouli or ricer as you go, until they are all peeled and mashed. For every kilo of mashed potato, weigh 200 grams of flour.

Place half the flour on the bench and place the potato on the flour. Add the egg and salt to the potato, then top with the remaining flour. Mix the flour, egg and potato together with your hands until well combined and a dough is formed. Knead dough gently for about a minute; the more you knead the tougher your gnocchi will become.

Check the dough by pushing it gently, it should spring back. When it does, cut off small amounts and roll into long logs the diameter of your thumb. Make sure water is boiling.

Start cutting small pieces from the log about the width of your thumb, roll onto a floured plate then tip them into boiling water a few at a time - you want the water to come back to the boil quickly. As soon as the gnocchi comes to the top, lift out gently and toss through prawn ragu. Serve hot.

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