Recipes for using native Australian produce at home

There's been a massive shift in attitude towards native Australian ingredients. We are now looking beyond the food waves immigration has brought to our shores – as delicious as these are – to embrace the rich food culture of First Nations people.
Not only has "bush tucker" provided Indigenous Australians with sustenance for millennia, but it is downright delicious.
Chefs have helped make these ingredients well known. Kylie Kwong uses everything from warrigal greens to wallaby in her Chinese dishes, while Ben Shewry of Attica also showcases native foods on his inventive menus.
Now it is our turn. The opportunities to incorporate food from our "backyard" into our cooking are endless, whether it's changing up a meat pie by using kangaroo, putting a native-spicey twist on garlic prawns or elevating a cheesecake with lemon myrtle.
I hope these recipes inspire your cooking during NAIDOC Week and beyond
– Nagi Maehashi, bush-food devotee and the driving force behind RecipeTin Eats

Lemon myrtle cheesecake with finger lime.