The 10 recipes everyone should master

These 10 recipes could change your life for the better, giving you confidence in the kitchen and comfort at the table. They will help you win friends and influence people. Who needs social media hashtags when you can make the perfect #tartetatin?
We're not talking about one-night-only show-off cooking. We're talking about recipes that we should all know inside out and upside down, recipes our parents should have taught us, and we should teach our children - and our partners. These are the mother recipes, the ones you want to cook time and again, the ones that pass on the skills, techniques and accumulated instinct that is the foundation of good cooking.
I have learnt from the best chefs and country home cooks and picked up a couple of tricks along the way. Although the recipes here are mine, in truth I share them with a long line of skilled teachers from around the world and each recipe includes a top tip from one of the greats – Jill Dupleix

Great roast chicken.