Ugly delicious: Four unloved winter veg get the Katrina Meynink makeover

"In a perfect world I would have the fruits of summer and the vegetables of winter," says Katrina Meynink. "There is something glorious about the gnarly, dirty, robust nature of winter veg and the capacity to turn it to something else entirely – the deep colours, the vibrant textures and the feeling of success that comes with turning ugly vegetables beautiful are not things to be dismissed. Middle-of-the-road sizing tends to work best. The larger the beet, the woodier and coarser the texture, versus younger baby beets that are so completely unctuous and sweet when roasted slowly and lovingly. Ditto the celeriac. I prefer not to peel them. Scrubbed clean then cooked slowly, this only adds to their taste and texture. Feel free to peel if that's your preference but I encourage you to try it."

Celeriac steaks with pear salad and quick herb gremolata.