Roasted vegetable and anchovy rolls

Boccadillo: Roasted Vegetable and Anchovy Rolls.
Boccadillo: Roasted Vegetable and Anchovy Rolls. Photo: Marcel Aucar

A bocadillo looks like a bread roll, but it's much more. It holds a special place in the Spanish imagination.


1 brown onion, unpeeled

1 red capsicum

60ml extra virgin olive oil

1 large fennel bulb

1 whole garlic bulb

2 medium zucchini

3 small Lebanese eggplant

1 tomato

6 anchovy fillets

1/3 cup oregano leaves

2 baguettes



Preheat oven to 185C. Put whole onion and capsicum on a roasting tray, pour over oil, sprinkle with salt and roast 25 minutes. Remove capsicum, place in a bowl and cover with plastic film.

Cut fennel into wedges, add to roasting pan with garlic bulb and roast 15 minutes. Cut zucchini and eggplant into chunky pieces, add to pan with whole tomato and three anchovies. Mix to coat vegetables with oil and cooking juices and roast 35-40 minutes.

When cool enough to handle remove tomato. Discard skin and stalk. Crush with a fork and return to vegetables. Peel, deseed and destalk capsicum, tear into chunky pieces and add to vegetables.

Roughly chop remaining anchovies and add to vegetables with oregano. Check seasoning. Cut ends off baguettes, cut into three equal pieces, fill with vegetables and drizzle with a little roasting liquid.