Salmon oyakodon (salmon and roe rice bowl)

Adam Liaw
Salmon oyakodon (salmon and roe rice bowl).
Salmon oyakodon (salmon and roe rice bowl). Photo: Adam Liaw

The playful name 'oyakodon' translates roughly as 'parent-and-child' rice bowl. Often made with chicken and eggs, this salmon version uses sashimi salmon and salmon roe for a delicious and simple seafood version.


600g sashimi-grade salmon fillets, skinned and deboned

1 sheet nori

100g salmon roe

1 tsp soy sauce, plus extra to serve

4 leaves shiso (perilla)

6 cups cooked short-grain rice, to serve

wasabi, to serve


Slice the salmon 5mm-wide strips across the grain and arrange them into four separate fan shapes, with each slice of salmon slightly overlapping the previous slice.

Slice the nori first into 5cm strips and then finely slice each strip. Mix the salmon roe with the soy sauce.

To serve place 1 1/2 cups of rice in the base of an individual serving bowl and roughly flatten the top of the rice, arrange the salmon sashimi on top and place a shiso leaf beside it. Add a quarter of the salmon roe on top of the shiso leaf and top with the sliced nori and wasabi.

Serve with extra soy sauce.