Simple lemon or lime syllabub

Simple lemon or lime syllabub
Simple lemon or lime syllabub Photo: Rebecca Hallas

Clean, sharp flavours in a light dessert.


1 lemon or lime*

¼ cup late-picked white wine

1 tbsp brandy

1 tbsp castor sugar

1½ cups cream*


Remove zest with a vegetable peeler, then juice lemon or lime. Put all ingredients except cream into a basin and refrigerate overnight. Next day remove zest. (If you prefer the texture, the zest can be finely grated instead of removed in one length and then left in the sweet.) Whip liquid and cream in an electric mixer until quite firm.

Spoon into glass bowls and serve with a crisp biscuit or berries or spoon onto a wine trifle in place of the usual whipped cream.

Makes about 2 cups.

*Lime juice is more intense than lemon juice, so if you decide to make a lime syllabub you will have a choice: for a sharper flavour use the quantities exactly as given, or reduce the intensity by increasing the quantity of cream to 1¾ cups.