Slow-roasted rack of milk-fed veal

Neil Perry
Tender, juicy and delicious: How to cook a rack of veal.
Tender, juicy and delicious: How to cook a rack of veal. Photo: William Meppem

There's no need to over-complicate things when prime produce is your meal's hero - just keep it simple and allow the succulent flavour to speak for itself. Sauteed spinach and roast potatoes are an ideal accompaniment for the slow-roasted rack of veal.


4-bone rack of milk-fed veal, chine bone removed

sea salt

2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil

butter, to serve

freshly ground pepper, to serve



Preheat oven to 85°C. Remove rack from the refrigerator a couple of hours before cooking.

Rub rack with sea salt and 1 tbsp olive oil, place in a large roasting tin and put in the pre-heated oven, turning the rack after 30 minutes. After an hour, check the core temperature of the veal - once it reaches 58-60°C, it's done, depending on whether you like it closer to medium or well done.

Remove rack from the oven. Place a frying pan large enough to take the rack on the stove over high heat and pour in 1 tbsp extra virgin olive oil. When the oil is nearly smoking, add the rack and hold it with tongs so that all of the flesh side gets a good browning.

Reduce the oven temperature to around 60°C, holding the door ajar if necessary, and return the veal to the oven for 15 minutes, ensuring that the core temperature of the meat does not rise above 58°C. Remove rack from the oven and rest for about 30 minutes.

Leave the veal on the bone and cut it into thick cutlets. Place one in the centre of each plate and drizzle with a little olive oil. Place a slice of butter on each cutlet and give a grind of fresh pepper. Serve immediately.


  • Give the veal more flavour by incorporating some anchovies and a squeeze of lemon juice into the serving butter. Freeze any left over butter - it's perfect with barbecued or roasted meats.

Photography by William Meppem. Food styling by Hannah Meppem. Food preparation by Nick Banbury.