Spiced tahini olive oil vegan shortcrust pastry

Spiced tahini and olive oil shortcrust is egg-free.
Spiced tahini and olive oil shortcrust is egg-free. Photo: William Meppem

As this pastry is egg-free, it's slightly more tricky to roll; if it cracks you can simply patch together pieces of dough in the tart case.


25g dark muscovado sugar, or raw sugar

1 tsp salt

50ml boiling water

50ml cider vinegar

2 tsp ground cumin

25ml olive oil

100g tahini, stirred until soft and creamy before measuring

about 250g plain white flour

½ tsp baking powder

extra flour for rolling


1. Put the sugar and salt in a mixing bowl then pour over the boiling water. Then add the vinegar, cumin, oil and tahini and whisk until smooth and emulsified. 

2. Next add the flour and baking powder and mix to a soft smooth dough. Cover and leave to sit in the fridge for 30 minutes to make rolling easier.

3. Roll out the dough to line a deep, fluted 22cm-diameter tart case (the French sort with a removable base), patching the dough together if it breaks apart. Freeze the tart case for 30 minutes, then bake blind – lining the inside of the case with non-stick paper and baking beans – at 160C fan-forced (180C conventional) for about 25 minutes. Then remove the paper and beans, and bake for a further 10 minutes until the pastry is starting to crisp.