Sushi shapes

Sushi shapes
Sushi shapes Photo: Julian Kingma

When I first saw rice shapes like this (but much fancier), it was on an aspirational Pinterest board that should have been called something like "I'm a better parent than you so nerr". "Ridiculous," I spat at my screen. Then I realised it's actually pretty easy to do. Rice moulds and nori cutters are available from Japanese grocers but it's not too hard to form shapes by hand, or with cookie cutters, and nori can be snipped with scissors. Stuff the rice balls with a morsel of leftover meats, avocado, cooked or raw vegetables, or use more traditional onigiri fillings such as salted plum.


200g sushi rice

sushi vinegar (optional)

nori sheet

corn kernels, currants, carrot slivers to decorate, as desired

filling, such as avocado or cooked meat


1. Cook rice according to packet instructions, season with sushi vinegar if desired and allow to cool.

When cold, shape rice with a small amount of filling. Begin decorating frenzy.