Warm peaches with creamy ricotta and rosewater syrup

Warm peaches with creamy ricotta and rosewater syrup.
Warm peaches with creamy ricotta and rosewater syrup. Photo: Quentin Jones

A dessert you can finish off on the barbecue while you sip your wine.


1¼ cups castor sugar

1 cup water

5 freestone peaches, unpeeled

½ vanilla bean, split

1 tsp rosewater

125 g ricotta

125 ml pouring cream

Olive oil spray

35 g toasted slivered almonds


For rosewater syrup, combine one cup sugar and water in a small saucepan.

Stir over medium heat until sugar dissolves then bring to the boil. Slice one peach and add to sugar mixture with vanilla bean and simmer, covered, for 15 minutes until peach is very soft and pulpy.

Remove from heat and cool. Strain, discard peach and vanilla bean and reserve syrup.

Stir rosewater into syrup.

For ricotta cream, combine ricotta, remaining sugar and cream in a food processor and pulse until smooth and thick.

Cut remaining peaches in half and remove seeds. Spray cut side with olive oil spray and warm on a barbecue plate, cut side down, or put on an oiled grill plate and cook over medium heat until warmed through.

Put a dollop of creamy ricotta on serving plates, top with peaches, drizzle with rosewater syrup and sprinkle with almonds.