Zucchini with lime, pecorino and crisp tortillas

Zucchini with lime, pecorino and tortillas.
Zucchini with lime, pecorino and tortillas. Photo: Marcel Aucar

Finely sliced zucchini star in this simple salad. The crisp tortillas and toasted sunflower seeds give the salad a unique crunch.


6 small zucchinis

3 red radishes

1 tbsp sunflower seeds

2 corn tortillas

handful mint leaves

140ml extra virgin olive oil

2 limes, juiced

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

1 tbsp grain mustard

1 tbsp apple cider vinegar

salt and pepper

pecorino for grating 



Finely slice the zucchinis and radishes on a mandolin.

Toast the sunflower seeds in a 180C oven until golden.

Heat a small pan with a little oil, cook the tortillas until they are crisp and crunchy, then remove and cool.

Chop the mint roughly and place in a large jar with the remaining ingredients, shake well and season to taste.

Place the zucchini, radish and seeds in a bowl and dress well, mixing with your hands gently to avoid breaking up the zucchini too much.

Place on a serving dish and grate the cheese over the top with a microplane or fine grater. Finish by breaking the crisp tortilla up in small pieces over the salad.  

You can add fresh coriander to this salad.