Scarborough Hotel

383 Lawrence Hargrave Dr Scarborough, NSW 2515

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Opening hours Mon-Fri 11am-3pm,Sat 11am-8pm,Sun 11am-4pm (shorter menu 4pm-6pm)
Features Wheelchair access
Prices Expensive (mains over $40)
Payments eftpos, AMEX, Visa
Phone 02 4267 5444

The exterior of this 1886 hotel on a spectacular chunk of coastline hints at an interior resplendent with a beautiful old timber bar. But you'll find none of that. Interiors have been gutted to make way for snaking queues of tourists who flock to its rightly famous beer garden. Arrive early to nab an oceanside table. Steaks and fish and chips do the job, but our salads look like two different dishes thanks to a careless salad tosser. For the most part, the food here is what it is: perfectly acceptable, if slightly exy, pub grub. But that view, oh that view.