Where is the cheapest and most expensive coffee in Melbourne?

Marissa Calligeros
When it comes to coffee it's location that counts.
When it comes to coffee it's location that counts.  Photo: Supplied

Is $4 too much for a coffee?

Apparently not. 

At least, in North Melbourne, Prahran and Mentone anyway.

The three suburbs are apparently the most expensive places to buy coffee in Melbourne, according to data from point-of-sale company Square.

A coffee costs an average of $4.50 in those suburbs.

Brunswick's hipsters sipping their cold-dip, single-origin varieties from glass beakers are also paying upwards of $4.

So too are Brighton's cyclists knocking back short blacks like they're going somewhere in a hurry.

Those drinking lattes in the CBD are paying an average of $4.03.

The folk in Parkville, Coburg and Braeside are getting change from $4.


The average coffee in Parkville costs $3.50, compared with $3.57 in Coburg and $3.65 in Braeside.

Overall, it appears Melburnians are a latte-sipping lot, compared with Sydneysiders who prefer a cappuccino.

More than 43 per cent of Melburnians order a latte, over any other kind of coffee.

We're also drinking later than our Sydney counterparts.

Sydney coffee drinkers jump start their day at 8am, while Melburnians are ordering their coffee at 9.30am.

Dan Chrystal, owner of the Stand Up Café in Melbourne's Katherine Place, said his peak trade period was between 9am and 10am.

"Melbourne workers tend to head to work first and come down to the shop with colleagues slightly later," he said.

Mr Chrystal said he believed Melburnians general love for lattes was partly due to their preference for glassware.

"I find people prefer drinking coffee from glass, rather than porcelain and therefore often order lattes. And as people regularly order the same coffee, this translates into a take away order for cafes like my business," he said.

Perhaps that explains Brunswick's latest craze for glass beakers.

How much would you pay for a cup of coffee? And how far would you go to get your caffeine hit for less?