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Sunday night dinner: Chicken tinga with tortillas.


Weekly meal planner

Your calendar is probably jam-packed with end-of-year festivities so the last thing you need is a nightly meal crisis. Here's a selection of summer recipes that don't require much time or thought.

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Adam Liaw's glazed Christmas ham with bush herbs.


Adam Liaw's very Aussie Christmas ham

What better time to celebrate indigenous ingredients than at Christmas? This simple glaze uses native lemon myrtle and aniseed myrtle for a very Australian Christmas ham. 

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Island Holiday dessert: mangoes with lychee granita.


Neil Perry's Island Holiday dessert

This refreshing dessert features mangoes, although you can also use any summer fruit you like. Be sure to keep the tangy lychee granita, though - it makes things far more interesting.

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Neil Perry's grilled pork skewers.


Summer-friendly: Grilled pork skewers

Straightforward to prepare, these Asian-style pork skewers with dipping sauce are full of flavour and a great way to feed guests. 

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Quick dinner: Jill Dupleix's chicken kofte skewers with with turmeric tahini.


35 chicken dinner winners

Tasty, versatile and good value: No wonder chicken is Australia's favourite meat.

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Fragrant spices and fresh herbs add zext to this freekeh salad.


Vegetarian salads

Want to ease up on the meat? Here's our favourite meat-free grainy salads and tasty vegetarian starters.

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Cheese platter

Salt in cheese might not be bad for you

Cheese lovers, the news you've long been waiting for has arrived - that evening wedge of brie could now be considered a healthy snack option after all.

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