Peach Melba spider

Peach Melba in spider form.
Peach Melba in spider form. Photo: Katrina Meynink

Peach Melba is a guilty pleasure for me. I love the taste, the glorious naffness, and that my loves peaches, raspberries and ice-cream can co-exist in perfect harmony. Here I've turned the dessert to the glass and added in a generous heft of tart freeze-dried raspberries to temper the sweetness – and she is all the better for it.


2 ripe white peaches, pitted (peeled, optional)

moscato or grapefruit-flavoured soft drink or mineral water (I used Tiro brand sparkling pink grapefruit drink)

4 scoops raspberry gelato

freeze-dried raspberries*, to serve


1. Roughly chop half the peach halves, divide between four serving glasses, and give the fruit a quick muddle.

2. Slice the remaining peach halves and place on top of the peach pulp.

3. Add a generous scoop of raspberry gelato to each glass, then carefully pour over the moscato or soft drink – it will bubble considerably. Quickly sprinkle over some freeze-dried raspberries and serve.

Tips: Use a grapefruit flavoured carbonated drink if you want to keep it alcohol-free; and if you want to up the ante, omit the moscato and spike the soft drink with gin instead.

It's important to use an ice-cream with some dairy here or the fizzy foaming of your childhood memories will fail to erupt. A gelato is great – you get the creamy effect but it's not as cloying as a full cream ice-cream.

*If using fresh raspberries add ¼ teaspoon of lemon zest per glass to break up the sweetness.

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