Wasabi-pickled salmon

Wasabi-pickled salmon
Wasabi-pickled salmon 

You can use ocean trout, tuna, bonito or kingfish in place of the salmon. If you can get hold of fresh wasabi leaves, they grow in Tasmania then shred a few finely and add to the pickle for an added peppery kick. The wasabi powder and oil, shiso leaves and bonito flakes are available from Asian food stores.


400g salmon fillet, skinned and boned

50ml fresh lime juice, strained

30ml organic Japanese ponzu juice (available at specialty food stores)

40ml Japanese soy sauce

1 tbsp wasabi powder, mixed with 1 tbsp water to make a paste

2 tsp Japanese wasabi oil

2 golden shallots, peeled and finely diced

8 large shiso leaves, finely shredded

Japanese pickled sesame seaweed salad (available from fish markets and good fishmongers)

2 tbsp chopped chives

8 whole green shiso leaves

3 tbsp bonito flakes, to serve


Using a sharp knife, cut the salmon into a uniform fine dice. Mix the lime juice, ponzu, soy sauce, wasabi paste and oil, diced shallots and shredded shiso in a bowl. Add the diced salmon and stir to combine. Leave to marinate for an hour, covered, in the refrigerator.

When ready to serve, leave the fish out at room temperature for 20 minutes, then stir through the sesame seaweed salad (pictured above) and chopped chives.

Place a green shiso leaf on each plate and carefully pile the pickled fish on top, drizzling with a little of the residual pickling liquid. Sprinkle the bonito flakes over and serve.